We are the experts in buying, refurbishing, and selling food processing equipment.

Kohler Industries offers our customers the best service, with our knowledgeable staff, and up-to-date facilities! Our facilities include: 3,200 sq ft Vacuum Pump Shop, 3,000 sq ft Assembly Shop, 10,000 sq ft Fabrication Shop, 800 sq ft Bead Blasting Shop, and over 6 acres of Inventory


Reconditioned equipment

Reconditioned Equipment

We strive to offer our customers better equipment for less than the price of new. We recondition: Blenders, Grinders, Bowl Choppers, Extructors, Combo Dumpers, and more!

Line solutions

Line Solutions

Need a complete line solution, but do not want to pay new prices? We can help! We have offered entire reconditioned lines of equipment. These lines reduce costs and retain value.



We host online/in-person Auctions for surplus equipment, liquidations, decommissions of facilities, and more. If you would like to list in our future auctions, please contact us!

As is equipment

AS-IS Equipment

We have the largest inventory of protein processing equipment in the US. We own most of our inventory, which is rare in this industry! We also offer consignment services to our customers.

Creation   fabrication

Creation & Fabrication

Our talented staff uses their experience and knowledge to create or improve current equipment in the industry. We can customize products to our customers needs to not only increase efficiency but reduce costs. Have an idea that would suit your production needs better; run it by us and we will see what we can do!

Vacuum pump repair

Vacuum Pump Repair

In this facility, we test run, break down, and rebuild vacuum pumps. Each pump goes through an extensive test to check for durability and usability. If the pump does not pass inspection, it will not be rebuilt or sold. This is to ensure our customers receive the best products from us. We offer recondition, trade-in and exchange on vacuum pumps. We have a large inventory, and likely have shelf stock available to ship same day as purchased.