Kohler Industries Opens New Shop

Kohler Industries is proud to announce the opening and operation of our new Stainless Steel Finishing Shop!

In addition to the 7 dedicated food processing equipment fabrication shops located onsite at Kohler Industries in Lincoln, Nebraska, we have recently finished construction on a 5,000 square foot addition that houses our brand new bead blast room. In our bead blast chamber we make stainless steel shine using millions of glass beads fired at the metal to wear down any imperfections in the surface material. It comes complete with state-of-the-art digital controls and safety features to increase efficiency and protect our team. In keeping with our company initiative to decrease our environmental footprint, we’ve also incorporated reused parts and eco friendly systems into our chamber design. These new innovations, along with the expertise of our highly skilled crew, ensure that all food processing machines that leave our site meet quality, durability, and USDA standards. Not to mention it sparkles like the day it was made!

Officially dubbed the “Z-Wing” after our master bead blaster Chris Zilly, our new stainless-steel finishing room is just as cool and mechanically advanced as it sounds. We’ve implemented touch screen digital controls that independently regulate the entire chamber and each of it’s moving parts: from the environmentally friendly sand reclaim system and advanced safety protocols, down to minor adjustments the air filtration in the chamber. With each individual system carefully computer monitored, we’ve been able to achieve the increased efficiency of a smooth-running machine. This means less time spent filtering beads and more time producing consistent finish on the stainless-steel food processing equipment you count on.

Along with the technological improvements we’ve added to the “Z-Wing”, we’ve also integrated the most current safety features available to support our number one asset: our team. All vacuum sealed doors on our new chamber are complete with Deadman switches that power off hoses, filtration systems, and important electrical networks upon external disruption, such as an unexpected open door. Additionally, the new bead blast room features leading air filtration systems, both in the chamber and our bead blaster’s helmet and gear, that utilize carbon monoxide detection and air quality alerts for maximum safety assurance. These aspects ensure our bead blasters can focus on the shine on your machines all while maintaining exceptional safety standards.

From the beginning, preserving our environment has been a cause close to the heart of our company values. Every time we recondition a piece of equipment we reduce waste and recycle parts. Now we’re proud to say the same about our bead blasting! We made a point of implementing a stainless-steel finishing system that contains reused parts along with environment saving procedures to improve our ecological impact. This includes our unique sand reclaim system as well as recycled components in the chamber itself. Our progressive bead reclaim system works by collecting discharged beads into grates that run along the floor of the chamber. The beads are then automatically transferred to the external filtration equipment that separates reusable beads from dust and waste. To insure the most beads make it into the filtration machines intact, we’ve lined the walls of the chamber with rubber matting, recycled from used conveyor belts. By adopting this system, we’re able to save sand and reuse parts that would’ve otherwise been discarded.

With our modern stainless-steel finishing shop up and running, we continue to strive towards excellence in food processing equipment. Quality machines and exemplary customer service have always been our top priority, along with respecting our environment and ensuring the safety of our team. We look forward to making the equipment you depend on, from fabrication to finish. Now it’s time to let your product shine!