Pay Less for a Better Grind

Pay Less for a Better Grind:  Rebuilt Weiler Grinders

Get ready to transform your grinding procedure with a like-new, reconditioned grinder. We have several rebuilt Weiler models completing the final stages of rebuild. This means they are ready to ship from our facility to yours, fast.

Why Weiler?

First of all, Weiler grinders are known for their versatility. They can handle a wide range of applications, both raw and frozen. The Weiler brand is valued for its flexibility to adapt to a customer’s needs. This is because many parts can be swapped out to alter capacity, performance and speed.

Weiler grinders are also known for their durability. They are built tough to succeed under demanding conditions. This manufacturer has been releasing high-quality machines since 1939. With care from Kohler Industries, many are still performing.

Lastly, the cost of ownership for Weiler equipment is remarkably low. Especially when you buy a fully functioning, reconditioned machine from Kohler Industries. We can help you pay less for a better grind.

Our reconditioned Weiler 1612 Frozen Block Grinder features a fully rebuilt stainless steel frame, new guards, and rebuilt gearbox. This workhorse is equipped with a rebuilt slanted hopper and frozen block guide. But we didn’t stop there.

We upgraded the feed screw, head and ring with stainless steel and added a brand-new motor. It’s a powerhouse with a 150-HP gearbox motor. Which means, this grinder is ready to tackle coarse grind, pre-broken frozen, rendered, tempered or frozen block. We customize the grind plate to your specifications. For the new owner, we include a wrench, screw puller, ring holder and plate lifter.

Conquer production with a Kohler rebuilt Weiler 1109. This machine will help you get the job done – whatever your grind might be.

This model can be fitted with an extra-long hopper. Known as a Weiler 1109B Long Grinder, the extra length offers control over the grind on your pre-broken frozen and fresh product. Second, the stainless steel screw and stainless steel spiral flight head offer longevity and durability that lacks in other’s inferior nickel-plated substitutes. Third, we’ve installed brand new pulleys and rebuilt the stainless steel hopper with 3-point configuration.

Further, the rebuilt 1398-5HB gearbox and new pulleys turn the 100-HP motor. And finally, this sale includes a ring wrench and screw puller.

With a grinding capacity up to 72,000 pounds per hour (product and process dependent), this Kohler rebuilt Weiler 1109 Grinder can handle some serious volume. Powered by a rebuilt gearbox 1992-5HB, 75-HP at 180 RPMs.

This unit features a new, sizable hopper with flared, flat-top feed guard and bone collector. The new stainless steel feed screw, head and ring will conquer your biggest demands. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the spring loaded knife holder. Its self-seating abilities provide low temperature rise to protect the quality of your product.

Efficient and dependable, don’t underestimate 75-HP in a Weiler 1109. This particular rebuilt Weiler 1109 is a gentle giant that retains the original stainless steel frame. But everything else was given an upgrade.

We rebuilt the gearbox (1992-5HB) and installed all new wiring, belts and pulleys. We scrapped the tin-plated parts and replaced them with reliable and sanitary, stainless steel. This includes a new stainless steel hopper, stainless steel head and stainless steel ring. Even the feed screw is new, 304 solid stainless steel.

Last, but not least, we present a Kohler reconditioned Weiler 878. Satisfying your most demanding grinding needs, the Weiler 878 has the ability to run up to 30,000 pounds per hour. It can handle meat, poultry, seafood and even fruit.

Included is a 7” diameter stainless steel feed screw, 8-5/8” diameter stainless steel plate, spring-loaded knife holders and low-friction blade inserts. This machine can be customized to fit your product requirement, including infeed/discharge heights, screw and plate size.

Why Kohler Rebuilt?

New equipment always costs more upfront. By utilizing reusable frames and components, we are able to cut costs. Kohler Industries keeps remanufacturing affordable by consolidating processes in our own facility. We have the machinery, know-how and turnaround times to make affordable price points attainable.

In addition, Kohler reconditioned equipment maintains greatest value over time. Not only do we take the time to provide efficiently engineered controls, but we incorporate standardized, high-quality, stainless steel components that last a lifetime. Or longer.

Which Weiler Grinder is Best for My Plant?

Ready to give a rebuilt grinder a second chance? We always carry a variety of Weiler grinders in stock. View our full inventory online or contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you identify your next rebuilt Weiler.