Discover the All-New Kohler Blender – It Won’t Quit

It Won’t Quit

Transforming raw ingredients into food for consumption has been a human pursuit since the beginning of time. At the heart of this primal activity is mixing. Blending, stirring and combining components builds taste, texture, color and appearance. As a large-scale process engineer, you recognize the value of proper mixing. Adopting a high-performance blender into your equipment lineup can make all the difference.

The Blender/Mixer is a well-proven piece of equipment. It offers a wide range of applications for the food production industry. Ingredients are placed in a horizontal basin. One or two agitators rotate in opposite directions to mix. The most popular agitation shafts are ribbon, named for their resemblance to helical ribbons, and paddle, which resemble boat oars.

Built New

Kohler Industries industrial food processing blenders are built new, to your specification, upon order. Each blender is made from solid stainless steel for long-lasting durability and greatest food safety. The Kohler Blender is available in standard, vacuum and chilled configurations. And come in capacities from 500 to 15,000 pounds. Agitator options include double ribbon stainless steel or double paddle stainless steel. UL508A relay or automated controls with custom integration is also available.

Built Smart

Kohler Industries has been fixing and rebuilding industrial food blenders and related protein processing equipment since 1975. During this time, they’ve found the recipe for equipment immortality. After seeing common reasons for mixer failure, the company decided to build a better blender.

The Kohler Blender is constructed with an extra thick bowl and end plates made from solid stainless steel. An enclosed positive drive belt replaces the rust-prone chains and sprockets of yesterday. Parts are standardized and simplified, making the Kohler Blender serviceable by the customer. No need to hunt down a specialized service tech or ship proprietary parts overnight.

Built to Outlast

When equipment performs the way intended, you enjoy lower maintenance costs, shorter downtimes and reduced long-term inventory rates. In fact, Kohler machinery is built so well, it retains one of the highest resell values in the food processing equipment industry.

Discover long-lasting dependability with a new industrial Blender from Kohler Industries. Read more about the all-new Kohler Industries Blender or contact us for a customized quote today.




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