Parts for Food Processing Equipment


Parts for Food Processing Equipment


Aristotle may have said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We disagree.

Parts are what make your industrial food processing equipment run. As a food processor, you’ve likely faced equipment breakdown caused by a single worn part.

Most Parts In Stock

Kohler Industries understands downtime is costly. As such, we strive to go above and beyond to make sure our customers are taken care of – before, during and after the sale.

That’s why our parts department stocks common parts. We focus on consumables for Kohler built equipment, such as the Kohler Peeler, Kohler Slicer, Kohler Blender and Kohler Combo Dumper. We also stock parts for Kohler rebuilt equipment like Grinders, Blenders, Combo Dumpers, Screw Augers and Vacuum Tumblers.

Parts Ship Fast

When you need a replacement part, you need it fast. Our parts department works hard to ship orders out quickly. In many cases, we can ship orders same day.

Our experienced professionals know how important it is you get the part you need as soon as possible. Whether it’s Belts, Chains, Seals, Knives, Plates, Springs, Screws, Cylinders, Bushings, Bearings or what-nots, we’ve got you covered.

Fairly Priced

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the parts they need at a fair price. We build equipment with standardized off-the-shelf parts whenever possible. And when we can’t, we utilize our on-site machine shop to make custom parts. This eliminates the middle man; no proprietary upcharges found here.

Easy To Order

Contacting the Kohler House of Parts is easy. Orders can be placed by phone at 402-465-8845, by email at, or by completing the form below. To expedite service, please have your Kohler number, equipment model numbers and part numbers available.