A Note of Gratitude


To the World’s Food Processors


The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged our daily lives in significant ways. Despite the ever-growing list of unprecedented demands, YOU continue to process and supply food to the people of the world.

Now, more than ever, our food supply deserves appreciation. When paper products become limited, we feel relief seeing our favorite foods, snacks and meals available and—in stock. Your efforts to maintain easy access to the food we’re accustomed to provides us comfort, and a much needed sense of normalcy.

We are thankful for the plant workers who are pulling double shifts, the truck drivers for adding routes, the leadership who pivots during economic uncertainty and to the retailers creating new outlets for food distribution. We appreciate the additional safety measures taken at all levels, and especially to those quarantining at home.

We are humbled by your hustle and determination to keep moving forward. All of this has been accomplished with a level of care, service and dedication that makes us proud to be part of your supply chain. 

With appreciation, we express our admiration and gratitude. With sincerity, we offer our continued support and partnership. In the weeks and months ahead, we are in this together.

Thank You

from the Team at Kohler and Viers Industries