Peeling Does Not Have to be Painful


Pepperoni and Salami Automatic Peeler


The Kohler Automatic Peeler introduces a new era of automation in peeling equipment. Separate meat logs from their casings, effortlessly, in the blink of an eye. As an added bonus, significantly reduce your labor costs at the same time!

How it Works

A conveyor system drops meat logs into the Kohler Automatic Peeler. Within seconds, the casings are inflated and separated from the product. This quick release system allows for continuous, non-stop peeling. Then, the meat logs are discharged onto a conveyor. The entire process is hands-off from start to finish.

Reduce Labor Costs

Shrink labor costs and amplify production with the Kohler Peeler. Completely autonomous, the Kohler Peeler makes quick work of a tedious task once done by a team. Now one operator can process at speeds up to 26 sticks per minute (over 1,500 logs per hour / size dependent).  This allows you to keep up with production demands and reassign employees to other tasks.

 Cleaner Process

Food safety is a top priority for everyone in the food processing industry. Made from solid stainless steel, the Kohler Automatic Peeler removes bacterial harborage zones. And by reducing human handling of the product, we further lower the risk of contamination.

 Custom Integration

The Kohler Automatic Peeler is best suited for pepperoni, salami and sausage. However, it can be tailored to accommodate your unique product. Customers can enjoy a personalized system with automatic conveyor and the Kohler High-Speed Slicer.

Put It To The Test

Contact us today! Ask for a FREE TEST RUN with your product on the new Kohler Automatic Peeler.