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Kohler Hydraulic Combo Dumper


Budget friendly and built to order, the Kohler Combo Dumper is constructed for your needs. Simply stated, it provides the performance you expect from industrial food processing equipment.

The heavy-duty, stainless steel fabrication can lift 3,000 pounds of product, and tilt to dump at 60-78” high (with additional options available). The carriage can support all common container sizes, or be modified to suite. Further customize your carriage with straight or curved sides and your choice of adjustable or fixed restraining bar.

Grounded with multiple floor bolts, the cushioned valves prevent bouncing and shaking for smooth operation. Side guards alleviate pinch points as contents are dumped in a short cycle time, ensuring worker safety and efficiency.

A valued team workhorse, the Kohler Combo Dumper is constructed to handle long hours of heavy lifting, year after year. No paint to chip, no tin to rust. Our glass bead finish, stainless steel construction maintains sanitation standards while resisting wear from heavy use and frequent wash down.

 With years of experience in the food processing equipment industry we understand the short comings of current equipment offerings. Our team has the flexibility to customize the equipment to your production needs. Allow our in-house team of engineers, fabricators, and consultants can construct a combo dumper to meet your exact requirements.

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