We Build New Equipment

Kohler Industries has been rebuilding industrial food processing equipment since 1975. During this time, we have learned a lot about what makes equipment fail. Typical problems range from low-quality materials, complicated operation procedure, expensive repairs and difficult to source parts. When Kohler Industries builds new equipment, we address these issues to give our customers better solutions for their food processing operations.

We Build New

Our on-site consultants, engineers, machinists, electricians, fabricators, and assemblers work together to build new equipment that suits your needs. With seven fabrication shops, we offer customizations such as infeed and discharge height, capacity, temperature control, footprint and more.

Kohler  Equipment  Includes:

Industrial Blender

The Kohler Blender is available in standard, vacuum and CO2 configuration. It is available in capacities from 500 to 15,000 pounds. Agitator options include double ribbon stainless steel or double paddle stainless steel. 

Automatic Pepperoni Peeler

Shrink labor costs and amplify production with the Kohler Automatic Peeler. Completely autonomous, the Kohler Peeler makes quick work of a tedious task once done by a team of staff. 

High-Speed Pepperoni Slicer

Get more per slice with the Kohler High-Speed Pepperoni Slicer. Meat sticks automatically advance through the high-speed, rotating blade for continiuous, non-stop slicing.

Combo Dumper

Budget friendly and built to order, the Kohler Combo Dumper is constructed for your needs. Simply stated, our dumper provides the performance you expect from industrial food processing equipment.

Viers Process Oven

Providing the heat you need to perfect your product. Built by Kohler Industries, the Enhanced Air Technology in the Viers Process Oven allows for even heat distribution through continuous, high-velocity airflow for increased yields and enhanced productivity.

Viers Smokehouse

Kohler Industries is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of the Viers Industries line of custom built Smokehouses featuring Enhanced Air Technology.

Viers Blast Chiller

Precision temperature control, advanced air efficiency and de-frost free. The Viers Blast Chiller is built to last and provides premium food safety features in a variety of budget-friendly models.

We Build Smart

Due to in-house machining and engineering, we dramatically cut costs for our customers. Parts are now standardized and simplified, making Kohler equipment serviceable by the customer. No need to hunt down a specialized service tech or ship expensive, proprietary parts overnight.

Food safety and operator safety are of the highest concern. Kohler equipment features bead blast finished 304 sanitary stainless steel for complete chemical wash down. In addition, continuous welds and solid stainless steel framework eliminate bacterial harboring points. Lastly, safety guards, switches, indicators, and locks are standard issue on all Kohler builds.

We Build to Outlast

Kohler equipment is reliable. We do not over complicate the fabrication or function. Our simplified designs mean fewer parts to maintain or replace. Yet, Kohler equipment is unique. It has the flexibility to perform in multiple settings and be adapted to different plant requirements.

New Kohler food processing equipment is always constructed with heavy-duty, high-quality materials, such as solid stainless steel frames and sanitary 304 stainless steel components. One example of our many upgrades is using clean, positive drive belt drives in place of traditional, rust-prone chains and sprockets.

When equipment performs the way intended, you enjoy lower maintenance costs, shorter downtimes and reduced long-term inventory rates.

We Build For You

Because every company we work with is unique, Kohler equipment is custom built specifically for your production needs. With more than 45 years of experience in the meat processing industry, our team understands your challenges and works with you to find the best solution.

Put our skills and experience to work for you. Let us build your next piece of new equipment.

What Can We Custom Build For You?