The Kohler Machine Shop


The Kohler Machine Shop


At Kohler Industries, we provide the food processing industry with better equipment — at a better price. We have earned a reputation for excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship. We keep customer costs low and response time fast by machining parts in our on-site machine shop.
Every day, our machinists meet with our engineers, sales department, and assembly team. Having all departments on-site creates a pathway for quality communication. With agility, we adapt to client customizations, pivot for urgent projects, and solve unexpected challenges.
In our machine shop, we have complete control over our production calendar. We are not waiting to fit into someone else’s schedule. Thus, we decrease time lost from outsourcing delays. Also, by machining our own parts in house, we cut down on waste. We can produce small or large runs, which means we create only the stock we need.
The most beneficial advantage to having an in-house machine shop is reducing costs. We bypass extra charges such as order minimums, design changes, freight, and storage.
At Kohler Industries, we use the advantages of our on-site machine shop to maximize benefits. And we pass these benefits along to you!  We make the parts right. We make the parts fast. We cut out the middleman. We keep everyone’s costs low.


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