The Kohler Promise


Top Benefits to Buying Kohler Equipment


There is a lot to consider before buying your next piece of industrial food processing equipment. Check out our top reasons why you should choose Kohler Industries built equipment as your next investment.

Industry Expertise

Our combined sales team at Kohler Industries has over 75 years of experience in the food processing industry. We understand the challenges and demands our customers face. When you partner with Kohler Industries, our team goes the extra mile to provide solutions to your equipment problems.

Flexibility to Customize

Your product is unique. Your food processing equipment should be too. Because new equipment from Kohler is built to order, we can tailor the equipment for your production needs. Our team of experts think outside the box to deliver customized machines that solve your production challenges, maximize yields, and reduce overall costs.

Professional Engineering

With an on-site team of engineers and electricians, we can develop solutions to production issues and apply them to equipment and controls. We combine our UL certification with industry proven interfaces and PLC controls.

Built to Last

With heavy-duty, stainless steel fabrication, equipment from Kohler Industries handles the high-volume demands of today’s food processors. Every piece features solid stainless steel framework, continuous welds that maintains sanitation standards while resisting wear from heavy use and frequent wash downs. No paint to chip, no materials to rust.

In-Stock, Fair-Priced Parts

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the parts they need at a fair price. We build equipment with standardized off-the-shelf parts whenever possible. And when we cannot, we utilize our in-house machine shop to make original parts. This eliminates the middleman; no proprietary upcharge added here.

Support After the Sale

Our exceptional service continues after the sale. If an issue arises, you have access to our technicians who promptly solve your problems with remote guidance, parts, or on-site service. We are just a phone call, video meeting or email away.

Return on Investment

With smart planning, rugged design standards, and premium materials, Kohler equipment retains value over time better than the competition. Kohler equipment performs above standards, maintenance is straight forward, and parts are accessible and affordable. This means you enjoy lower maintenance costs, shorter downtimes and reduced long-term inventory rates.

Made in the USA

Kohler Industries products are designed, fabricated, and assembled on-site in Lincoln, Nebraska, by a team of skilled individuals. American made matters.

Custom Equipment. Better Process.


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