Higher Lifting Combo Dumper

Built to Spec High Lift Combo Dumper

Higher Lift


The Kohler Industries High Lift Combo Dumper makes reaching new heights possible. Safely lift and tilt product from a discharge height of seven feet — and higher!

To make this possible, we’ve beefed up our design. The frame is constructed from solid, premium grade, stainless steel. No hollow tubing or inferior materials, ever. An enclosed, 10-HP hydraulic power pack provides adequate force to lift the weight of the load. The pivot point features a quad-roller system for a smoother, fully controlled tilt.

The carriage is customized to your needs. Shape, dimension, liquid savers, hold down, etc. Dump any type of container, from full-sized combo bin to a single 400-lb buggy. Even switch between container styles, on-the-fly, to satisfy your recipe needs.

We take no shortcuts. Every Kohler High Lift Combo Dumper includes stainless steel, side-mounted safety guards. Further increase safety by adding a backside guard and light curtain to the loading zone. Simple to operate, all controls are built in-house, UL listed, and presented in a stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure for easy washdown.

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Greater Efficiencies

At Kohler Industries, we think outside the combo dumper box. We tackle questions like, “How can we increase plant efficiency? How do we decrease the number of product touches?”

We answer with customizations. Our product line includes a variety of accessories to add efficiency to any Kohler Combo Dumper style. Such solutions include buggy diverters, buggy brackets, sloped sorting tables and funnel-shaped transition chutes.

When you partner with Kohler Industries, you receive fully customized equipment. From start to finish, our equipment is durable, affordable, easy to operate, and most importantly – it brings efficiency to your processing needs.

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