Making Pepperoni More Profitable

Prioritize Efficiencies

Make Pepperoni More Profitable


All great business leaders agree: prioritize efficiencies and gain measurable increases in productivity. If you’re in the business of making pepperoni, Kohler Industries can help.

Our automatic Peeler+Slicer system runs continuously, with little to no manual interaction. As a result, users immediately benefit from increased yields and decreased operating expenses. Read on to learn more.

The Kohler Peeler+Slicer system is an efficient, full-service line of equipment. With one to two operators, peel and cut an average of 30,000 slices per minute.

Docking conveyors load meat sticks into the Kohler Automatic Pepperoni Peeler machine. Pressurized air gently inflates the casing to release it from the product. Next, high-speed rotating rollers whisk the casing free. Casings and clips are separated from the meat log in seconds.

A second conveyor transfers the peeled meat stick to the Kohler High-Speed Slicer machine. Here, meat sticks pass through the slicing blade rotating at speeds up to 5,000 RPM. The Automatic Reject System ensures ends and inadequate slices are immediately discarded. Only perfect slices make the cut.

Both the Peeler and Slicer operate in a single lane; each is loaded by a multi-flight conveyor. By design, this eliminates time consuming manual alignment of multiple logs. The simple layout makes cleaning faster and maintenance easier.

The system minimizes product handling. Hands-free peeling and slicing protect from unnecessary bacterial exposure caused by excessive touches. Docking conveyors, sensors, and other built-in automations free up personnel for reassignment in needed areas of the plant.

In a few clicks, program the system to your specifications, from thick, “cracker cuts” to wafer thin. With the Kohler High-Speed Pepperoni Slicer, rest easy knowing every slice is cut to your standards.

Our equipment provides consistent slices, start to finish. We trim right up to the end. No torn pieces. No angled cuts. With our accuracy, you win with bigger yields and less waste.

Peel + Slice System by Kohler Industries

The Kohler Peeler+Slicer is best suited for long sticks of pepperoni, salami, and sausage. However, our R&D team is actively working to expand the sizes and types of products this system can accommodate.

Therefore, if you have meat sticks (traditional or not), we invite you to test run your product. Contact us to discuss shipping a sample, or schedule an in-person visit to our facility. See for yourself how the Kohler Peeler and Slicer can maximize your profits.

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