Laser Cutting

Precision Manufacturing Options Expand at Kohler Industires

Laser Cutting


In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, efficiency, precision, and versatility are vital to success. Therefore, Kohler Industries has adopted state of the art laser cutting technology. In a few short months, our new laser cutting machine has quickly revolutionized our operations. With these benefits, we transfer our efficiencies and savings on to you–our customer.

Laser cutters can handle a wide range of materials, from plastic to metal and even wood. At Kohler Industries, however, we work only with stainless steel. Specifically, 16 gauge to half inch in 304. We limit our materials to stainless steel to eliminate material cross contamination. This ensures the equipment we build is food-grade, non-corrosive and non-bacterial harboring.

Our laser cutter is computer-controlled, enabling seamless integration with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This means once our engineers draw it, we can cut it. Gone are the days of outsourcing complex cuts. Eliminating the middleman eliminates time lost to quoting, setups, shipping raw materials, and finished goods.

Laser cutting boasts unmatched accuracy, achieving tolerances down to a thousandth of an inch. This eliminates human error and ensures consistent, high-quality, repeatable parts, each and every time. The focused nature of the laser beam creates smooth, clean edges, often eliminating the need for additional finishing work. Complex designs and intricate details become a breeze, allowing us to bring nearly anything to life.

In addition to complicated cuts, we are also seeing efficiencies in completing simple cuts with our laser cutter. Laser cutting machines operate at blazing-fast speeds, significantly reducing production times compared to traditional cutting methods. With the press of a few buttons, the laser cutter replaces hours of manual work previously requiring tools such as a shear, bandsaw, drill, and angle grinder. In addition, the double table feature allows our operator to load a second sheet of material while the first is being cut.

Onboard software allows the operator to nest multiple cuts in closer proximity than ever before. We can maximize material use by populating an entire 5’ by 10’ sheet with multiple cuts for a variety of projects. This has significantly reduced material waste.

Our laser cutter offers additional functionalities beyond cutting. Engraving, marking, and even drilling are possible. This provides alignment marks for assemblers and identification labels or part numbers for end users.

Laser cutting machines prioritize safety. Enclosed cutting areas and fume extraction systems minimize operator exposure to dust and debris. Additionally, the contactless nature of the cutting process reduces the risk of accidents compared to traditional cutting methods.

In conclusion, laser cutting technology offers a plethora of advantages to us at Kohler Industries. From unmatched precision and material versatility to increased production speed and reduced waste, laser cutters are an investment that have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and continues open doors to possibility. We look forward to utilizing this cutting-edge technology on your production line.

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