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At Kohler Industries, we have solutions for pet food manufacturers. We understand the challenges you face. Challenges such as safety, quality, and affordability.

Kohler Industries has been helping industrial food processors overcome these challenges since 1975. Specifically, within the pet food industry, we’ve worked with pet food suppliers both large and small. Our equipment can support canned food, fresh, kibble, and treat production.

Our equipment is built with clean design practices that meet USDA standards. This means Kohler equipment is built with food-grade stainless steel components for all food contact surfaces. For effortless cleaning, our seams and surfaces are smooth. This to eliminates bacterial harbor zones and makes it possible to remove all residues of products and chemicals.

With heavy-duty, stainless steel fabrication, equipment from Kohler Industries handles the high-volume demands of today’s pet food processors. Frames and other critical components are built with solid stainless steel to resist wear, year after year of heavy use and washdown.

Equipment from Kohler Industries provides the biggest bang for your buck. Whether you choose new custom-built equipment, refurbished equipment, or a combination of both — we can help you make the most of your production line.

Pet food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a particular species or breed. Therefore, a variety of equipment is used to grind, mix, cook, dry, cool, and chill a variety of ingredients into a finished product suitable for retail.

Kohler Industries can supplement your pet food processing line with equipment to:

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