Pallet Tilter

Pallet Tilter


If you need to swap a pallet or remove freezer spacers, it’s neither enjoyable or an efficient use of time to un-stack and re-stack palletized loads.

Swap pallet types. Replace broken pallets. Insert or remove freezer spacers and slip sheets. Do it all safely, and with ease. Employ the Kohler Industries Pallet Tilt to expedite these tasks for you.

Built rugged to endure heavy use, the Kohler Pallet Tilt is constructed with sanitary stainless steel making it ideal for industrial food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and warehouse applications.


How it Works

Stacked loads are safely tipped to the side. Contents are braced in place by the V-shaped carriage and retractable clamp. With the turn of a knob, the load gently slides to expand. This creates gaps between the stacked product and pallet. Now operators can easily swap damaged pallets, or exchange pallet materials (wood, plastic, aluminum, slip sheets, skids, etc.) to meet sanitation requirements, storage and shipping needs, or cost savings goals. If chilling your product, maximize thermal efficiency by inserting or removing freezer spacers.


Watch it Run


Additional Loading Options

At Kohler Industries, we tackle questions like, “How can we increase plant efficiency? How do we decrease the number of product touches?”

We answer with customizations. Our product line includes a variety of equipment to add efficiency to your process including: Standard and High-Lift Combo Dumpers, Pivoting and Stationary Screw AugersSurge Augers, and Column Lifts. We offer lifting accessories like buggies, buggy diverters, buggy brackets, sloped sorting tables and funnel-shaped transition chutes.

When you partner with Kohler Industries, you receive fully customized equipment. From start to finish, our equipment is durable, affordable, easy to operate, and most importantly – it brings efficiency to your processing needs.


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