Food Processing Line Inspiration

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Bring Your Recipe to Life


A recipe is a set of instructions. A how-to guide to prepare ingredients for transformation into something else. A choreographed dance of measured components and timed steps. Following a recipe ensures a repeatable result. Consistent product, time and time again.

Each stage of a recipe calls for different procedures and equipment. It can be challenging to choose the most suitable lineup for your process. You need a partner who understands your expectations, ingredients, and equipment capabilities. Together, we can assemble an effective line of equipment.

From small processors to large, Kohler Industries has the experience to engineer your complete food processing line. We can integrate new and rebuilt equipment into your existing line, or design from scratch. We start by planning, drawing, and engineering. Then we custom build the equipment to specification.

When it benefits the customer, we’ll source pieces of equipment from other vendors. At your preference we’ll build out basic push-button operation or high-tech controls.

Let us inspire your next line and bring that recipe to life. Here are three examples of food processing lines we recently created for industrial food and petfood suppliers.

1) Pre-Process Batching Line

In the above example, the client is grinding, blending, and mixing large volumes of various proteins. Then breaking the mix down into measured, workable batches. This project demonstrates the engineering, collaboration, and construction capabilities from Kohler Industries.

With a master control cabinet, this line contains all new equipment. The line feeds into supporting equipment for further processing. Engineered around the customer’s recipe, this client reports growing demand for their unique product.

2) Grinding-Mixing Line

This customer, a major meat packer, recognized their need for an additional grindingmixing line. Kohler Industries custom engineered this food processing line to expand their production capabilities. We combined both new and rebuilt equipment to maximize our client’s dollar.

Installed as a dedicated, allergen-free grinding-mixing line, our customer was able to sign a sizeable new contract.


 3) Automated Pepperoni Bagging Line

It’s now possible to package over 10,000 pounds of sliced pepperoni per shift. This high-speed, twin line mechanically removes pepperoni logs from smokehouse sticks. Then, the system automatically peels and slices pepperoni. A constant flow of product is conveyed to the packaging equipment. Now, our client can run their bagging machine at full speed, non-stop. They no longer have to jog and reset, thus maximizing efficiency.

For this project, Kohler partnered with a third-party equipment manufacturer to automatically cut pepperoni down off hanging sticks. The peeler, slicer, and associated conveyors are Kohler Industries designs. As well as the customized rocking table which unifies the whole system. Hands-off, this high-speed line increased client yields exponentially without requiring additional staff or longer run times.

How can Kohler Industries bring your recipe to life?