Better Welds with Laser Technology at Kohler Industries

Laser Welding Technology Arrives at Kohler Industries

New Tool in the Box


At Kohler Industries, we pride ourselves on building equipment strong enough to endure the test of time. We may further uphold this mission with the newest addition to our tool box: handheld laser welding technology.

The handheld laser welding machine is the newest generation of laser welding equipment. It offers our shop a long list of advantages.

First, laser welding creates cleaner joints than those produced by conventional welding. The higher-density, super focused energy of a laser welder causes uniform, quick melting and even cooling. Great news for you — this technology produces a crack-free weld with durability that matches the strength of the base metal itself. And Kohler Industries is known for building robust equipment that endures long-term use.

Second, welding at any angle imaginable now becomes possible. Stitch, butt, vertical, flat fillet, inner fillet, outer fillet welding, and more. It can weld workpieces with various complex welds, as well as irregular shapes and oversized items. We do a lot of that.

The focused, high-intensity laser beam allows for a faster welding speeds which minimizes heat buildup. When heat is applied to a large area, or for an extended period, metal becomes prone to distortion. Buckling, shrinking, and warping can weaken the structural integrity of the finished piece. Prevention of distortion is especially crucial for parts where the joint may be subjected to heavy loads or repetitive use, such in the case of industrial food processing equipment.

In traditional welding practices, welds must be ground down to remove lumps, burrs, and excess material. Cleaning traditional welds is a time consuming and tedious task. Conversely, laser welds do not require grinding, abrasion, or color-correcting chemicals. Simply put, the laser technology provides a sanitary and aesthetically appealing finish with smooth seams.

Lastly, handheld laser welders are efficient. Faster processing speeds are important to both reducing project lead-times and decreasing overall production costs.

We look forward to using this new technology to fulfill your customized equipment needs. Contact us today.

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