Make Pepperoni More Profitable

How to Make Pepperoni More Profitable


Are you are looking for ways to grow your pepperoni or dry salami profits? We’ve got a few ideas to share. Each is based on real feedback from large players in the processed meats industry. Here are our top tips and lessons learned to make pepperoni more profitable.

1)  MINIMIZE WASTE. In the food industry, one of the primary challenges to yield is waste in unusable cuts. Particularly the cone and butt ends of pepperoni and salami sticks. To reduce waste in the sliced pepperoni and salami industry, Kohler Industries recommends starting with longer meat sticks. Lengthen your sticks and the same volume of slices now has fewer cone and butt ends.

To further reduce waste, the docking head of the Kohler Slicer Infeed Conveyor precisely trims the cone ends flat, never taking more or less than necessary. Fed end-to-end, irregular slices become few and far between. But when they do happen, the built-in baffle catches and separates them.

2)  NONSTOP PRODUCT FLOW. Perfect cuts at faster speeds is possible when long meat sticks are sliced, end-to-end, in a continuous flow. In fact, with a single-lane, the Kohler Industries Slicer out-yields competing multi-lane slicers. 

Here’s why. Other multi-lane slicers must stop, or pause, to wait for the operator to reload all lanes. Not only is time lost with each reload, but additional inadequate slices—waste—is created at the start and stop of each load.

Do your meat sticks vary in length? This natural irregularity reduces output on other systems. Yet, the Kohler Peeler and Slicer System handles it all in stride. Fed end-to-end, inconsistent length is never an issue. Consistent flow increases yields which makes operation more profitable.

3)  AUTOMATE THE LINE. Another way to reduce waste and increase yields is to optimize the line. Combine the Kohler Peeler and Kohler Slicer with loading conveyors to maximize efficiency. With one or two operators, peel and slice nonstop. With the slicer blade operating at up to 5,000 RPM, process meat sticks in seconds per piece. That’s an average output of 30,000 slices per minute.

4)  SYNCHRONIZE WITH PACKAGER. Is your bagger capable of outpacing your slicer? Pillow pack baggers and scales operate most efficiently with a consistent flow of product. You deserve a slicer that keeps pace.

Multi-lane alternatives create an intermittent product flow. A surge followed by a pause. This pattern must be mirrored by the packaging equipment. Each time the system pauses for reload, time is lost.

5)  CAPTURE BIGGER PROFITS. Customers who switched to a Kohler Peeler and Slicer System report a 5-15% increase in yield. Bigger yields make pepperoni more profitable This is all thanks to improvements in efficiencies: a faster flow of product, and a reduction in waste. With a quick return on investment, better yields equal bigger profits.

Put us to the test!

The Kohler Peeler+Slicer is best suited for long sticks of pepperoni, salami, and sausage. However, our R&D team is actively working to expand the sizes and types of products this system can accommodate.

Therefore, if you have meat sticks (traditional or not), we invite you to test run your product. Contact us to discuss shipping a sample, or schedule an in-person visit to our facility. See for yourself how the Kohler Peeler and Slicer can maximize your profits.